Ren is a distributed network that enables the movement of value between blockchains.

Ren 1.0

The first version of Ren became the first widely-used interoperability protocol with support for bitcoin. It facilitated over $13 billion in cross-chain volume between 5 UTXO-based and 12 account-based blockchains, including the largest EVM chains, Solana, and Cosmos chains via Kava, allowing bitcoin holders to participate in DeFi for the first time.

It laid a foundation to test ambitious ideas and assumptions about protocol design, user experience, and economic security. The data was crucial to our research and understanding of the design space and will motivate future iterations.

Ren 2.0

Coming soon

We believe the first step toward accelerating the mass adoption of bitcoin as a global revolution in monetary policy is through a state-of-the-art interoperability protocol that's designed to meet the trust and security needs of bitcoin users and decentralized financial markets.

Please reach out if our vision to unlock the next level of bitcoin adoption resonates with you. The Ren Foundation is actively looking to provide funding to motivated researchers and developers.

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